Bryan Adams was getting his first real six string. French students were rioting - It was the summer of '69, and John Brandwood, Callow Youth, got his first job in the photography business. He spent 2 whole years in the dark room, which is how photographs were made back then. He learned a million things that are now completely useless, and a million other things no-one else in the world will ever know.

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  City Bolton
  Postcode BL1 6BL
  Address 613 Chorley Old Rd
  Phone Number 012 0449 5613

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John Brandwood has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. In that time he's created spectacular, show-stopping images for commercial clients in almost every photographic genre; industrial, editorial, corporate, public relations, portrait and architectural. By resisting the temptation to specialise he's brought freshness and innovation to everything he does. John Brandwood makes pictures that arrest the eye, quicken the pulse and surprise the mind by providing new insights into the everyday.

To assure clients in the construction industry that they're commissioning a professionally competent and thorough photographer, I am a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cardholder. Together with my own PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) this means I can not only work safely and legally on-site but also ensures that my photographs show operatives fully meeting the standards also.

There is, however, a word to describe John's self-promotional abilities, and that word is 'useless'. In fact, there's more chance of him belching at a funeral than of him blowing his own trumpet. John Brandwood, if you let him, gives you options. He is ridiculously un-selfish. There are some photographers around who refuse to take 'risks'. They rule their studio roosts and 'control' is their mantra. That the unsuspecting client has agreed to ship truck loads of, say office furniture (or the latest engineering widgets) from the factory, to the studio and back again is of no concern to the photographer, so long as he is in control.

Product photography in fully equipped studios is an everyday task for any competent photographer and I work in a number of first class studios for such jobs. But on many occasions clients prefer to avoid packing and moving their products to the studio. I have developed a speciality of taking superb product photographs in my clients own premises using mobile studio resources.