I packed in my life in civil engineering and after hitch hiking around Africa and Australia, went to night school to further my hobby - photography. In 1993 I turned full time professional & have evolved from there. I have tried & tested new products for Hassleblad & Kodak, given talks and seminars on photography and people to colleges and organisations.

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We believe You are the most important thing in all photography and excitement, fulfilment and the delight of creating is why you love to make pictures. We are surrounded by beautiful, moving and inspirational images which can be captured through vision and inspiration, not gadgets! We give back to the world we love to photograph, by supporting social enterprise projects that benefit people for whom buying a camera is an expense undreamed of, but who selflessly make powerful pictures for us. We provide pride, fulfilment, likes on shared images and a sense of fulfilment through photography.

Your camera is a beautifully made, highly complex and totally amazing image capturing device. Unfortunately it's also an idiot because it doesn't have the fundamental Building Block of Photography - a creative brain. These are essential skills a photographer has to master in order to achieve eye catching professional looking images. To achieve them you need to understand what I call the '7 Building Blocks of Photography'. Some of them have both technical and creative functions which have an impact on each other, like knocking over a row of dominoes.

I spent 10 days scouting to find amazing locations for you (see gallery) and have roughed out a 10 day itinerary. We're getting hotel, transport and other arrangements finalised now and will announce dates, costs etc soon.

This workshop is covering some of the best parts in the Icelandic interior like Landmannalaugar (above) and the southern part of the highlands which holds the green pointy mountain Mlifell. On top of that we have included the South Coast which holds by far many of Iceland's most picturesque locations like Vik and the surrounding area, black sandy beaches, majestics waterfalls and more. This time of year also marks the beginning of the Aurora season and we will be hunting them whenever the conditions will be favourable.

All levels of photographer from beginner to experienced wanting to have a photographic adventure in one of the world's most interesting locations. Tuition and advice will be given on location so you'll learn loads, dedicate time to photography with like minded people and come home with hundreds of exciting images. Where do I begin? Lanzarote is a small volcanic Spanish island off the coast of West Africa. It has a unique black ash landscape which was used by astronauts for training before going to the moon.

I love shooting photos and the buzz afterwards when the image is all big and shiny on the screen - or better still, print :- These are some examples of client comissions and images from workshops and masterclasses.

Join award winning photographer and mentor Mike Browne for this 2 day Masterclass. Day 1 is at a beautiful lake side in Pfffikon (ZH) with mountains, boats and wooden docks. Day 2 is an all day photo-walk and mentoring session in Zurich which coincides with the Sechseluten Children's parade, making it a great opportunity for street / people photography. The Zurich, Switzerland Photo Masterclass is about creative thinking as a photographer and is for all levels of experience. Beginners will need a basic knowledge of their camera and it's controls before the Masterclass because we won't be spending time explaining camera controls and menus.

You'll experience the best locations, be coached, given feedback and exercises to grow your skills. Imagine the stories you could tell the folks as they admire your images, and the new friends you'll have made along the way.