I'm based in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, North Wales - however that doesn't mean I won't travel further afield! I've traveled as far south as Wiltshire and as far north as Glenrothes in Scotland. I'm more than happy to travel all over Wales, England, Scotland or even abroad to photograph your wedding - heck if you pay my expenses I'd (probably) photograph your destination wedding for free!

Wedding Photographers in North Wales are spoilt with some of the most beautiful venues, locations and landscapes the UK has to offer. I regularly photograph local weddings all over North Wales, in places such as: Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Wrexham, and across into the Wirral and Cheshire.

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  Person Chris Morse
  City Llandudno
  Phone Number 07734 253390

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The idea behind secret proposal photography is to document something special that's often not documented. Just about everyone has a wedding photographer these days and more and more people are having engagement shoots. But what about capturing the moment they say "yes", as well as the moment they say "I do"?

Like most wedding photographers I'm a huge fan of wedding albums. And I'd like to share why I think wedding albums are so important with you.

The best way for me to tell your story is for me to be there all day. That's why I am a "all day wedding photographer". You'll have me from first thing in the morning to capture the all-important preparations, right through until the party is in full swing. I donít clock watch, I wonít dash off as soon as your first dance has finished - but I won't outstay my welcome either!

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I took a little drive in the glorious sunshine to meet up with Nia & Joby at Gregynog Hall today for the first... https://t.co/APO7Qs5olL
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Had a lovely time meeting up with the competition winners, Ashley & Domico on Friday... Can't wait to shoot their football inspired wedding at Malmaison in August.
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And the winner is... Ashley Wall! I'm going to be getting in touch with everyone who entered the competition over the next couple of days with a little thank you offer ;) so keep an eye on your emails people!
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Last chance to enter my "Win Your Wedding Photography" competition! Winners will be announced tomorrow! Follow... https://t.co/wZWst0vSb0
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Got an email late last night to say Kirsty & Jon's gorgeous Christmas wedding was going to be featured on Cwtch... https://t.co/BzN03u7B1J
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From Our Website

What I love most about my job is you. And your partner. For me, weddings are all about people and I think you'll get that when you see my photography. I want you to have the most amazing day of your life, so relax, have fun and do what you want to do! It's your wedding - it's not a photoshoot, it's not a fashion show, it's not a portfolio building exercise or advertising opportunity for me. It's your wedding! Everything you see on my website is 100% unposed, it's a moment that happened naturally during the course of a real wedding.

A wise man once said, "it's not what someone does, it's why they do it that really matters - and that's what you should judge them on". I get my satisfaction from knowing that I've helped to keep those memories alive. I honestly think that if it wasn't for the bills (and my kids needing shoes) I'd happily shoot weddings for the free food (and thank you booze)! It took me two years of being a wedding photographer to learn to like sticky toffee pudding. I still don't like fruit cake. I don't drink tea or coffee but can still make a mean brew.

So, as a little thank you, from me to everyone in the NHS. All enquiries now come with a free 30 minute "unposed portrait session", with absolutely no obligation to book me as your wedding photographer. Plus 10% off the price wedding photography & all optional extras, such as albums or Photofilms. Obviously the free portrait session is subject to availability, government safety restrictions and a few other things so for full terms & conditions get in touch today - but don't forget to mention you work for the NHS!

I'll give you every image that meets my high standard, (there's no limit to how many I deliver) in high resolution suitable for printing and web quality for online sharing. I'll keep a professional back-up of all your final images and (if the worst should happen) happily provide a free disaster recovery service. Using my Polaroid Original OneStep2 or vintage Polaroid Spectra instant camera, I'll capture a few key moments throughout your wedding day, and give them to you before I say goodbye. If you'd like a copy of my current price list, just leave your details below and they'll be in your inbox in no time.

My approach to wedding photography is very much a documentary one. It's about creating photos that have real meaning - not manufacturing memories. I'm all about photographing the natural moments, the genuine emotion and the real smiles. I'll tell your story from the inside out, from a guest's perspective, to create images that are immersive and compelling. I'll be close to the action, but never in the way or controlling it. That's how I'll create images that bring back real memories - images that have an emotional attachment.

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, I don't even particularly like to brag or boast. I'm an understated kinda guy. But when I found out I'd just been voted UK's Best Wedding Photographer I knew I had to shout about it, or at least tell people. And when it happened again, for the second year in a row. I knew I had to tell a few more people about it. I don't expect that you know much about how Wedding Photography Awards work, so I'll give you a quick, very simple run down on the three main types.

If you're the kind of couple who want to have a bloody good day, without worrying if your photographer's going to be bugging you all day - then I could be the photographer for you. It can be quite a leap of faith when choosing a wedding photographer. Naturally, everybody only shows their best work, so how are you meant to know if they're really as good as they make out? If you'd like to see what a full wedding shot by me looks like, just let me know when you get in touch. I'll send you a gallery that has a similar vibe to your wedding plans or was shot at a similar venue.