Congratulations on your engagement! You`ve probably heard from your friends that planning can be stressful, but remember the most important thing is to enjoy every part of your wedding. All the hard work of planning will be worth it when your big day comes. After booking your venue you might be interested in getting a photographer. Finding the right photographer is vital. A good wedding photographer doesn`t just take photographs, he`ll make you feel relaxed, and blends into the background being completely unobtrusive while taking natural shots. If you like the more traditional style, he`ll be able to arrange group shots quickly and at the same time make everything fun which makes better photographs.

Wedding photography is a bit like music, everyone has their favourite style and it`s important for you to take time and find a style that suits you. Most wedding photographers including myself use digital cameras which allow us to capture moments as they happen producing very natural and spontaneous images. Producing natural images of people is a very difficult process and takes years of training. Everyone moves in a certain way and has a different personality, and It`s part of the photographers job to quickly determine your own personality and the emotion you`re feeling to capture the best images as soon as they happen.

I feel it`s important that all the photographs I take at your wedding belong to you. This means you own the full copyright as well as your photos at the full resolution on disk. You`ll have an online gallery to share your photos with your friends and family, and the photos on your disk will be large enough to print up to 5x3 feet in size.

When I put together my portfolio, I`ve tried to show the wide variety of styles that I cover. My favourite style is relaxed reportage, but I`ve mixed my portfolio up with some of the more exciting and dramatic stages that are almost painterly in composition. I believe that combining candid with dramatic stages made my portfolio more balanced.

So good luck with your planning, and hope you enjoy looking at my portfolio. Remember if you start to feel nervous about your wedding thatís a good thing, as it releases some of your stress now and stops it all coming out at once as you`re walking down the aisle. Most importantly though have fun! and try to not let it all pass too quickly.

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If you don't have a date or venue booked yet, and just want some more infofmation thats no problem at all, Just type "more info" in the last box. Take a look at Roys full portfolio on his facebook page below. Theres over 1500 photos on there from different weddings over his 18 year career as a full time wedding photographer. Also lots of his latest images using Pioneering photographic techniques, some exclusively developed by Roy himself.