Professional photographers in London specialising in corporate photography, actors headshots, product and fashion photography and portraiture.

Our Professional Photographers could be commissioned for various assignments throughout the UK for Corporate work:
- Annual reports
- Corporate catalogues and advertising
- Company publications and websites
- Corporate PR
- Press Releases
- Online catalogue / shop / website
- Corporate brochures
- Mail Order Catalogues
- Marketing Literature and advertisements
- Product Packaging
- And more

Our Fashion and Modelling photography services and sessions are often used for:
- Fashion portfolios
- Professional pictures for Model Castings
- Comp cards / Z-cards
- Music album covers
- Fashion clothing catalogues and websites
- Profile pictures
- Pictures for loved ones
- And More

We also offer family photography services. For more information please visit the website.

If you have any other photography services in mind just drop us an email to discuss your requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Serviced Areas

  • London and Nationwide

Contact Details

  City Shoreditch
  Postcode EC2A 4LG
  Address 107 Clifton Street
  Phone Number 020 3289 9054

Products & Services

Corporate Photography

Our Professional Photographers could be commissioned for various assignments throughout the UK for Corporate work: - Annual reports - Corporate catalogues and advertising - Company publications and websites - Corporate PR - Press Releases - Online catalogue / shop / website - Corporate brochures - Mail Order Catalogues - Marketing Literature and advertisements - Product Packaging - And more.

Customer Testimonials

I had a fantastic experience with their photographer David. I had never done a shoot before so was a bit nervous, but he quickly helped me relax. Very professional studio and I managed to get photos tailored for my specific needs (in this case casting portfolio shots). They have a large outdoor as well as indoor space so I managed to get a range of photos in the single hour I was there.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs a dependable, upmarket photo session. Many thanks David

Had David & his team retouched a photo for me that was shot by someone else and they did a fabulous job! It's hard to find actor friendly retouching services - 100% recommend on quality and communication.

Most enjoyable experience at Headshot London yesterday!! Andrew Luca is a top photographer and made me feel at ease during the shoot. He told me the headshots are very important because not only does it give an impression of how you look, but also the many expressions you show that will attract clients when looking for work in adverts, TV, film extras etc. Very quick service in delivery of the images which came practically 24 hours after the shoot. Cannot thank you guys enough!! Had a fun, fun time!!

It was an absolute pleasure working with the team at Headshot London. David Loche is an exceptional photographer, hugely professional yet relaxed and makes the photo shoot enjoyable and engaging. He was all those things you really hope for, incredibly thorough, creative, and lovely to work with. Not only was I delighted with the final image, the level of service you get is first class and I couldn't recommend the team highly enough for their enthusiasm and passion to get things just how you want them

I would not hesitate recommending Headshot London to anyone who is looking for talented photographers and a service that exceeds expectations on all levels

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From Our Website

We are team of accomplished, creative and technically knowledgeable, professional London photographers. A collective, if you will. Like minded and ready to take your enquiry seriously and deliver your shoot the only way we know how. We are lucky to be in an industry like ours. Hyperbole is everywhere but with us, all you need to do is look at our portfolios and you'll see for yourselves! OH and just look at our client page too. We have, do, and always will be the best in our market. We specialise in LinkedIn and PR portraits, headshots, events, interior, black and white photography, advertising and business photography for marketing collateral.

We are a collaboration of photographers at different levels in our career, perfect to offer our services across the budget spectrum and styles required by our clients. Some want simple white backgrounds, some want complicated environmental portraits and everything in between. We can work with our clients directly or through their creative agencies, helping to deliver their project on time and on budget, while at the same time presenting their customers with a compelling and engaging message. Many of our clients have parameters to work with, and so pricing, time-scales or logistical advice are as important to them as the look of our portfolio.

If you are looking for professional corporate headshots in London, corporate photographer for portraits, events, or an editorial PR and want a great publicity shot - look no further. We are one of the most popular City of London commercial photography studios. See who we are already working with - client list. We shoot everything a client would ever need - be it a ‘serious business in action' portrait or an approachable style - ‘friendly business working for you'. These can be outdoor shoots or more formal, less lifestyle looking, studio or office-based headshots.

Our in-house photography retouching service offers clients - both those who shoot their projects with us and those who didn't, everything you can think of and all in-house too. From simple skin touch-up work to green screen background removal or comping of images, we have the skills to create the ultimate image for your project, however large and complex or simple. Our prices start from as little as 45 per hour for most jobs that do not involve comping work which is charged at 70 per hour. Our free, third-party download facility makes it easy to get your images back, regardless of where in the world you are.

Black and white images have been part of our passion from the very start of our careers. In those early years, all shoots were black and white projects and our look was inspired by the likes of Hollywood's George Hurrell and the Harcourt studio in Paris. The glamorous 1940's were a masterclass in lighting techniques and has since developed with the help of modern equipment. It's not only architects, entertainers or creatives who choose to shoot in black and white. We shoot a great deal of corporate business in black and white too.

Over the years we have shot hundreds of companies and thousands of people. This portfolio is here to inspire you with the work we have done for others. If you have a project that was originally shot in another city, country or continent and you want to replicate the style of your colleagues there, we can do that too. We mostly travel to many of our corporate clients' offices and so most of the portfolio can be achieved where you are. We travel far and wide when required and travel with the required lighting equipment commonly found in studios.

As more and more people turn to internet dating sites to find love, we take a look at how the photo you select for your profile can affect your chances of attracting that all-important first contact. Whether you're using an online dating service to find a soul mate, someone for a few laughs or simply to expand your circle of friends, you're going to need a recent photograph of yourself. And the thing to remember as you upload your dating picture is that first impressions count - your photograph is the most influential factor on a potential partner's decision to contact you.

We shoot a lot of social portraits for the likes of LinkedIn profiles and although a great many of them follow the prescribed ‘approved' look in order to present well within the available real-estate they offer us all, your image can be what ever you want it to be. If you feel your creativity is best presented using ‘negative space' or you want your fun and bubbly personality to shine through with a picture of you laughing, or to be seen drinking a pretend drink from a pen that looks like a straw, why not.