I aim to take imaginative and creative photographs that can go beyond the "ordinary". So for your portrait session, you can be serious or silly, sexy or demure, whatever you like. Couples, families and groups can mix and match to be photographed together and separately. You can vary things as much as you wish. You can change your clothes if you want to get a variety of looks.
You don't even have to wear anything at all if you want some tasteful images, perhaps for a bedroom wall or maybe for a private album as a present for your partner, or simply just for yourself. More than half my sessions are as surprise presents for partners, perhaps for a birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day. This has become my specialist area of expertise, and I have had clients from all over England and even occasionally from abroad. And without exception they have all loved the experience, as you can read on my website from their comments.
Are you getting married? I don't do any wedding photography, but how about a bridal boudoir session as a present for your fianc?? These sessions are getting increasingly popular nowadays. I have done a number of photoshoots to create a very special and personal present for a wedding or wedding renewal vows occasion.
For all types of session, clothed or unclothed, ideally I like to see clients beforehand (free of charge of course) to work out together the sort of images that we might create together.
Does it cost a lot? The answer is "not at all". I don't have any minimum print order requirements and I don't set time a limit for the session. It is simply my job to create images that you will really want to buy. If I couldn't do that, I would go out of business!

Serviced Areas

  • mainly South East England

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  City Bromley
  Postcode BR2 0LQ
  Address 2 Scotts Av
  Phone Number 020 8464 5869