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  • Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Merseyside

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  City Manchester
  Postcode M40 5BJ
  Address Red 37, The Sharp Project, Thorp Rd
  Phone Number 079 3592 6494

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Colin is a top bloke and a master Photographer.If you are a serious actor and want serious headshots he is your man.I asked him for a particular look and he absolutely nailed it and I was spoilt for choice with the photos he took.If you tell him your casting type he will talk you through the shoot and make you feel like what you want and you will see it in your eyes in the pics through the emotions you feel as he is talking you through the shoot.Well worth every penny as these photos are the keys to the doors we want to get in as actors. Thanks Col mate fantastic job all round.

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I always find headshot sessions to be a chore but Colin creates such a welcoming atmosphere with his positive and friendly attitude that it makes it impossible not to enjoy.

I visited Colin 3 years ago and in the year that I used those photos I had more castings and more job bookings that year than in the entire 4 years I have been working in the industry.

This time, I also opted for the hair and make up package which I can’t recommend enough! Chelsea was so lovely and absolutely brilliant. It completely erased any worries at all that I usually have on headshot days and felt more like another day on set. I will not be going anywhere else from now on!

Thank you Colin and Chelsea

Always hated having my head-shots taken, as i think most actors do! But not any more! Colin makes you feel so relaxed from the moment he greets you - i honestly felt like i'd known him years. Colin and Rebecca (hair and make-up) were just incredible in helping me achieve four distinct looks - and whats more - i actually enjoyed the experience! There's a real synergy in the way we all worked together - and i say that because Colin and Rebecca make sure you feel included in the process rather than just being another 'client' - you feel like your opinion matters, and so often with other photographers, that is not the case. I really couldn't recommend Colin - and Rebecca - highly enough. I will definitely be returning.

Magnificent, right off the bat.

Colin greeted me with a warm, comforting embrace & immediately alleviated any worries or concerns I may have, by default placing me in a feeling of peace & excitement. What we created was nothing short of a masterpiece, and that’s without mentioning the razor sharp jawline (self indulgent, deal with it)

I required the best of the best, pictures that would compel & capture the imagination. A second glancer, work that would not only intrigue you, but leave you staring longingly, mesmerised at the quality.

This man knocked it out the park, with the invaluable help of beautiful Chelsea, they both spearheaded a day filled with enlightenment, joy and most importantly, dazzling photography work. Thank you Colin, it was a dream.

I enjoyed working with Colin and that’s what it felt like we were working together. We collaborated to achieve a set of headshots that conveys me. I am happy with what Colin has captured through his lens. His understanding of light and composition has helped me show who I am as an actor and the diversity I can express with just my facial expression and intention. He has also helped me feel a bit more comfortable with still photography, next time I am going to try and enjoy it a bit more!

From the off, Colin made the whole experience easy. Having never had my headshots taken before, I had no clue what to expect. We spoke on the phone beforehand and he put me at ease; like an approachable professional. You know you’re in safe hands when a photographer spends a good 20 minutes setting up more lights than the Blackpool Illuminations. He cares about his work, isn’t driven by money and doesn’t rush. Colin puts as much passion into his craft as we do as actors. This really shows in the final shots. I’m excited to show them off.

Thanks for all your help Colin!

Right from the start, Colin's approach to gaining the best headshots is second to none!

Colin's professionalism and expertise came through immediately, with the time he spent days before the shoot, discussing what styles best suits you, what your aims are and which particular niche in acting you're looking for.

Colin is a true talent to his trade, I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting first class headshots, also he was great to work with, from start to finish everything was very relaxed.

I found him a genuinely nice guy, whose passion for getting the best results for you shows.

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Neilson Reeves Photography is a Manchester-based photographer specialising in commercial, corporate and media photography. Over the last 10 years, we've worked in partnership with actors, celebrities, performers, events co-ordinators and business professionals. Whether you're calling from a multi-national advertising agency, a budding creative agency or making your first steps as an actor, we can help you! Manchester born and bred, Colin Boulter is an experienced commercial and media photographer, and our man behind the lense at Neilson Reeves Photography.

Neilson Reeves Photography is a preferred supplier to the NHS and private healthcare providers in and around Manchester, the Northwest and England. We can help organise large or small photography shoots for small clinical practices, through to large shoots organised at trust level. For shoots that include people we can supply professional models or train and coach your own staff to appear in the photography. Neilson Reeve Photography is supplier to the University of Manchester and our work has been published in a book telling the story about the discovery of Graphene, due to be published by Manchester University press.

The images featured in this post are composite images made up of photography and CGI (computer generated graphics). A composite image is any image that is made up of different constituent parts and cannot be created with a camera alone. To create a composite you need a camera and a computer that has image editing software such as Photoshop. The process for creating a composite image starts with a vision/idea that is sometimes sketched or roughly mocked up on a computer. This mock up is a visual aid the creative team use to determine how the shot will be put together (composited) and the constituent parts (elements or objects) they need to create the final image.