Architectural photography. In Print Imaging is the business of Peter Drought, a specilist architectural photographer based in the North West of England and operating throughtout the UK. Peter works with a variety of clients including architects, construction and property companies, engineers, surveyors and advertising agencies.

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  • UK and overseas

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  City St Helens
  Postcode WA11 9AB
  Address 46 East Lancashire Road
  Phone Number 017 4445 4834
  Mobile 0791 7317 908

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Things to consider when presenting a property for sale. The context is for domestic, but similar concerns apply to
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@davidgcant Your health and safety background will love the quality of driving there.
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Sunrise in Florence, Tuscany. Love the atmosphere on this one! #travel #photography #architectural #photography
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Some statistics on visual marketing data. Apparently visual data is processed by the brain, 60k times faster than t
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@katylcowan Understanding what your clients want is key, but don't try to gain that understanding buy guesswork. Fi
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From Our Website

Architectural photography is one of the main services we supply at Peter Drought Images, but what is it and how is it used? In simple terms it is the photography of buildings, completed to a high standard in order to show the key features of the structure as the architect intended*. This can include both the exteriors and interiors photography with a strong emphasis on the main design features. Specialist equipment and techniques are used to deal with some of the common difficulties associated with this type of subject matter.

That's a great question! Put simply, property photography, sometimes referred to as estate agent photography is using specialist photographic techniques to show the building at it's best in order to help it sell. For the property owner, there are two basic advantages; it sells quicker and it sells for more. For the estate agent, there is the added advantage of improving your professional brand image, which in a crowded market is a definite advantage in differentiating you from your competitors!

A casual glance through any newspaper or website will reveal that most stories consist not just of words, but images also. This is where public relations or PR photography can help you. Most public relations specialists will tell you that good photography will help draw a reader's eye to your article and help them remember it afterwards. PR photography adds visual impact and provides something for the viewer to relate to in the story. So, what makes a good PR photograph and what type of pictures will increase the chances of a newspaper or publication printing your press release?